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Pentaguard is an enterprise-level security software capability that utilises a unique multi-dimensional capability built into the engine to automatically calculate complex threat, hazard and risk ratings as you complete the assessment. Because the risk appetite and tolerance are tailorable by your organisation and built into the platform, the assessment outcomes will be accurate and consistent across multiple users.

Additionally, Pentaguard gives the user global visibility from their desk – down to the level of each individual threat, hazard and risk.

The real world of security is complex

Don’t risk it by using outdated methodologies

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Key Features

Designed by professionals for professionals, Pentaguard is the most integrated security threat and risk software available.

Greater confidence to make better decisions

Decision-makers now have significantly greater confidence in the accuracy of the security decisions they make.

Accurate and Consistent

Using its unique multi-dimensional methodology and descriptors, Pentaguard ensures all assessments are accurate and consistent with your organisational requirements.

Simple to use

Pentaguard makes it simple for any user to produce accurate assessments – write in your text or select the appropriate response from a range of comprehensive dropdown menus.

Real time review and approval

Supervisors and approvers can have real time access to assessments as they are being completed that will speed up the review and approval process.

Use on your mobile device

Pentaguard can be used on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Global view

Permitted users have global visibility of all assessments from their desk – any assessment anywhere in the world

Comprehensive list of questions

Pentaguard has a comprehensive list of questions that makes it easy for the user to answer.

Automatically calculate ratings

As you complete each assessment, Pentaguard is working in real time to calculate a series of security ratings – more than any other security software platform on the market.

Security on your own server or access on the cloud

Whatever your needs, Pentaguard can be installed on your own secure server or on the cloud of your choice ensuring you have the necessary security protections in place.

Drag and drop

Simply drag and drop photos, documents and maps into your assessments.

Cutting Edge Benefits

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Pentaguard is based on a unique logic that takes into account multiple factors affecting your security assessments. It then automatically calculates the threat, hazard and risk ratings – along with a range of other ratings – as you enter data into the software.  Unlike other software, Pentaguard has significant benefits including multi-dimensional analysis, global visibility, accuracy, consistency, templates and better security decisions.

Why use a multi-dimensional threat assessment tool?

benefits of global site security using Pentaguard THREAT RATING CAPABILITY INTENT WITHOUT PENTAGUARD Pentaguard logo benefits of global site security using Pentaguard benefits of global site security using Pentaguard benefits of global site security using Pentaguard LIKELIHOOD OF OCCURENCE THREAT RATING LIKELIHOOD OF SUCCESS VULNERABILITY OPPORTUNITY CAPABILITY INTENT WITH PENTAGUARD Pentaguard logo ASSET CRITICALITY

Threat assessments traditionally seek to gain some knowledge and understanding about the intent of the threat source to implement a threat, and their capability to undertake such a threat. After assessing any relevant intelligence about that threat source and the nature of the threat, the security practitioner then makes a judgement about:

  • The level of intent – let’s assume this is rated as Very High
  • The level of capability – again, let’s assume this is rated as Very High.

We call this a “2-dimensional” threat rating – intent x capability. However, when we assess the many factors influencing whether a threat is going to occur and the degree to which it may be successful, the threat assessment becomes a multi-dimensional assessment that requires an integrated solution to simplify the many moving parts.

Pentaguard automatically calculates accurate threat ratings from many complex inputs.


Pentaguard supports threat, hazard and risk assessments that can be applied to different scenarios.  For example, you can carry out these assessments against one or more sites located anywhere in the world.  The outcomes of the assessments can be automatically inserted into any of your secuirty templates that can be installed into Pentaguard.
A set of templates are used to define the different assessments.  Different templates allow different scenarios to be accommodated, such as physical site security vulnerabilities (ie. hotels and events), travel threats and risks, pandemic analysis, program planning and natural disasters.
You can create assessments for any type of site from a simple, single location to a complex area that consists of many sites and locations.  The assessments are broken down into groups, sites within each group and locations within each site.
Pentaguard supports many different categories of assets.  You are able to select the asset category and sub-category and its criticality. Importantly, you can define the implications if the asset is disrupted.  This allows anyone reviewing the assessment to have the full context around the asset.
Whenever you change any part of the assessment ratings, the new values are calculated immediately ready for your review.
Pentaguard uses a sophisticated combination of role-based and attribute-based access control and encryption to secure access right down to the data level. Security can be further improved when approved cloud hosting providers are used who are certified to Government protected security levels.
Pentaguard is able to support any number of users.  The platform is fully secure and users can be given multiple roles so you can control who can carry out assessments, reviews and approvals. Visibility into all parts of Pentaguard can be controlled.
When you create an assessment, you are able to attach any additional information in the form of files to the assessment.  You can simply drag and drop them into the assessment.  Pentaguard also provides you with a number of templates that can assist you in developing further risk mitigation strategies.
As users must log in before they can do anything on the platform, all changes in the platform are recorded against the user who makes the change.  An audit trail can then be recovered and reviewed to determine who did what and when.
Yes it is.  Pentaguard can be deployed on both public and private cloud services.
Yes it can.  Pentaguard uses standard technologies and can be installed on separate, on-premise servers or within private, on-site cloud architectures.
Yes they can.  Pentaguard uses a standard OIDC/OAuth service internally to authenticate users but this can be federated to use your own OAuth or LDAP authentication services.
Pentaguard uses standard web-based technologies that your existing support service providers should be familiar with.  If changes are required to align to your specific requirements, we are happy to discuss changes.

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